The Workplace Excellence Series

Delivering Essential Skills for Workplace Success

In partnership with Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation & WorkNet Solutions , the Job Skills Institute has translated and culturally adapted this program to Spanish for English Learners. In addition Job Skills Institute (JSI) is designated as a Master Trainer for delivering this training program in both English and Spanish, as well as training and certifying new facilitators to deliver the program.

About Workplace Excellence


Workplace Excellence is a flexible curriculum that offers ten modules designed to help people understand and deliver what employers really want today.  

The curriculum

Each module teaches the employer's perspective, practical skills, and the "bottom line" on a key topic so participants can increase their company and career success. The modules can be used as stand-alone topics or a series  

The series is designed for:

* Corporations & Small Businesses who want to increase performance and ROI for new and veteran employees. 

* Workforce Development Agencies who want clients to land jobs faster, stay longer, and succeed sooner.

* Education & Training institutions who want students to be more employable, more motivated, and successful. 

* Government Entities who want increase immediate and long term employment outcomes. 

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