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The Job Skills Institute platform was designed to address the immense need for career and vocational services. 

The Job Skills Institute provides expert online courses, skill building opportunities, career planning and workforce development services.  

Our mission is to reach career seekers and entrepreneurs with professional guidance and inspiration to meet the challenge of a changing economy. 

We do this by injecting targeted knowledge, creativity and purpose into their work life.

Industry Certified Instructors


Whether preparing for a new career or transitioning to a new one, you'll benefit from our expert instructors who have industry experience. 

In an ever changing global labor market, both job seekers and employees need career coaching and instruction to prepare to build a successful and satisfying career. 

Expect to fast track your way up with their guidance and support. 

First-Rate Course Offerings


  If you’re ready to engage in active career building, our courses and video library will open your eyes and show you how to plan to get the results you’re after. 

You'll be able to execute a successful job search, access career development services and advancement training which can lead to pay increases, improved working conditions and work/life benefits. 

We're going to work together to improve the quality of your work life, your finances and your future career mobility.    

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Career Building Services


Coaching for Work and Life

Performance coaching 

Coaching activities here are aimed at enhancing an individual’s performance in their current role at work, to increase their effectiveness and productivity at work.   

Skills coaching 

This form of coaching focuses on the core skills an employee needs to perform in their role. Skills coaching provides a flexible, adaptive, ‘just-in-time’ approach to skills development.    

Career Coaching 

This form of coaching focuses on the individual's career aspirations and concerns, using assessments and feedback on an individual's capabilities part of discussions on career options. The process leads to increased clarity, personal goals and forward action.  

Career Success Strategies - New Cohort starting January 2020

Career Success Strategies is an 8 week course designed to help you feel confident, prepared and qualified every time you walk into interviews, meetings, and networking events, so you'll be able to go after new job opportunities and line up multiple career options. 

You'll learn how to position yourself for a world of career possibilities and determine which opportunity fits best and what you really want . If you've ever wanted to shake up your work life and move to something better, this course will fast track you to your goal.   Available in English and Spanish. Enrollment starts in January. 

Workplace Excellence Soft Skills Series & Facilitator Certification

THE REALITY: A Crucial Skills Gap in the Workforce

In today’s competitive workplace, the success of employees and employers alike depends on a strong workforce comprised of people with not only the educational, technical or trade “hard” skills required for the job, but also the essential “soft” skills to survive, thrive and compete. Essential workplace skills include effective communication, dependability, attitude, and so much more, all of which add up to professionalism on the job and desire to help the company succeed.

THE RESPONSE: The Workplace Excellence Series

The Workplace Excellence Series responds to this reality by bridging the skills gap. Developed through a public-private partnership with employer input and vetted across industries, it helps job seekers, students, veterans, and workers at all levels to cultivate the essential workplace skills employers seek when hiring, retaining, and advancing employees today.

2 Day Workplace Excellence Facilitator Certification 

The series is delivered by a Certified Facilitator. This 2-day event will equip, certify, and empower you to deliver to job seekers, incumbent workers, new hires, and/or interns with the tools to develop the essential, not-so-soft workplace skills which employers demand today.  

What will you learn?

The Employer's Perspective. A powerful dose of the employer's perspective is woven throughout the series, so we spend time seeing things and speak from that vital vantage point. In the series, we explore key concepts and engage in exercises for each module so you get familiar, get your questions answered, and can hit the ground running.


Accelerated Teaching Techniques. The series promotes interaction, relevance, and real-life application so learners get it, personalize it, and apply it. We sharpen the skills of great facilitators and increase the capacity and confidence of new facilitators. 

Receive ongoing access to bonus resources for all certified facilitators including presentations, handouts and continued group development.

Membership Learning Portal

If your ready to kick your career plans into high gear and make some waves to move forward and up then this service is for you. Ongoing online career development services including access to courses, assessments. tools and resources that can Fast Track your career or business. All included in our annual membership. 



  Participants will learn to set expectations & accountability measures for the level of activity needed to find IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT 


 Participants will prepare for more significant results in scheduling & in acing an interview, by practicing interview skills, along with POWERFUL LANGUAGE and POSITIONING   



Participants will learn what employment terms are negotiable, how & when by reviewing case studies to craft a personal plan of action based 



  Participants will be asked to arrive picture perfect for professional headshots & participate in a simulated networking event, to BUILD SKILLS, PRACTICE and STRONG CONFIDENCE  



The perfect add-on strategy for any workforce, career or job center wanting to offer fundamental skill based learning for youth development programs, job seeker services & dislocated workers.

Available in English/ Spanish or bilingual formats



 Participants interact with seasons professionals in targeted in demand sectors of the labor markets and walk out with a personal plan of action to CREATE A CAREER and/or ADVANCE the one they're in to produce fast results  

& potential wage increases 

What are our participants saying about the JOB SKILLS CLUB ™ ?


Jessie J Gutierrez

I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent in the JOB CLUB workshop! The Job Search Objective worksheet was very helpful in identifying the kind of job I like, qualifications I have, what I can do better and what future goals I have for my future. Thank you Celia!

John Sendrey - Veteran

The most important thing I learned is that the process of finding new employment is a job in itself with a process that requires planning, work and persistence. I took my first steps into looking inside to realize who I am, to know what I love and figure out what I really want for my future. I received a referral that will assist me in my dream of starting and succeeding in my own business.

Patricia Cruz

I’m extremely happy to have joined the club. To be able to express out load, sharing what I want and love was amazing. I was able to express myself so well and I didn’t think I could before. No more holding myself back. I’m looking forward to next week!  I believe I learned more about the skills that I have; things I didn’t think I was able to add to my resume. As the other workshops that I attended with Celia, I feel more inspired to do a lot more than take a simple job, or even want to work for an employer. I now see myself starting a business soon! 

Lizeth Rodriguez

I learned that I was looking for a job the wrong way. I was looking for a job just so I can pay rent and bills but after today’s workshop I realized that I need to invest in my future. I have to review my job experience and be prepared for the interview. I was just walking into interviews not being prepared for it. I want to take the skills assessment, so I can really know what I am proficient in.

Sharon Lewis

It was an amazing session. I was encouraged to brand myself, to review or do an inventory of my skills, to access my achievements and how to be positive about my job search.

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