Harassment Prevention Training - NEW 2019 LAW -SB 1343


Legally Mandated Training Harassment Prevention

New 2019 Law (SB 1343) requires California employers with 5 or more employees provide two hours of sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to all supervisors and one hour of such training to all non-supervisory employees before January 1, 2020. 

To assist employers in meeting the minimum training requirements as defines by SB 1343 legislation, we offer highly interactive and legally compliant courses designed and taught by Celia Garcia, a bilingual nationally certified workforce professional, and subject matter expert.

Training delivered in either English, Spanish or Bilingual Format


1-Hour Non-supervisory Employees

Our 1-hour course provides non-supervisory employees with a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of harassment, from approximately identifying and responding to harassment situations to their role in harassment prevention. 


2-Hour Supervisory Employees

Our 2-hour course provides supervisors with essential information about their unique responsibilities and obligations in preventing and responding to harassment, complying with policy and expectations, and creating a respective and inclusive work environment.Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Business and Workforce Solutions

In partnership with the Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board

The Job Skills Institute is providing access to high quality training and development services to local employers in California. 

Focused on Increasing productivity and profitability and promoting continuous improvement to stay competitive with increased out of state and global competition.

To learn more and schedule an eligibility assessment email us at: myjobskillsinstitute@gmail.com 

Training Topics Include:

Lean Manufacturing

Management Skills / Leadership

Project Management

Manufacturing Skills

Vocational English as a Second Language (with Continuous Process Improvement)

Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Service

Production / Construction Skills

Communication Skills

Computer Skills

Supply Chain Management

Global Logistics

Safety (OSHA Instructor)

Employers are encouraged to reach out and assess their eligibility to participate in 2018.

Eligible employers and their employees will benefit from high quality, world-class training and development services for their workforce at no out of pocket cost. 

To learn more and schedule an eligibility assessment email us at: myjobskillsinstitute@gmail.com 

Upskills Customized Training

Available on-site at your company . 

Curricula are customized to meet your specific training needs. 

Bilingual and evening classes are available